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Stormbreaker (Walker Books)
This was the book that introduced Alex Rider, the world's most successful 14-year-old spy. Here he's fighting Herod Sayle who has invented the amazing Stormbreaker computer. But there's something nasty hidden in the software…

Point Blanc (Walker Books)
The second Alex adventure sends Alex to a strange finishing school in the Alps where Dr Grief and the hideous Mrs Stellenbosch are clearly up to no good.

Skeleton Key (Walker Books)
In the third adventure, Alex is nearly killed by the Chinese triads and is sent to American where he finds himself up against General Sarov, a renegade Russian with plans to reshape the world.

Eagle Strike (Walker Books)
A multi-millionaire pop singer who has gone mad provides Alex with his next challenge. This book sees the reappearance of Yassen Gregorovich, the assassin from Stormbreaker - and also Sabina Pleasure, Alex's girlfriend.

Scorpia (Walker Books)
Everyone was shocked by the ending of Alex's fifth adventure, a fight to the death with Scorpia, an evil criminal organisation. Many people thought it was the last Alex Rider book…

Ark Angel (Walker Books)
…but it wasn't. Ark Angel is released in April 2005. The story concerns a space station and starts with Alex in hospital, still recovering from his near fatal wound.


SnakeHead (Walker Books)
Undercover in a poisonous world, teen spy Alex Rider is back for his seventh adrenalin-rush adventure!

Crocoldile Tears

Crocodile Tears (Walker Books)
Undercover in a poisonous world, teen spy Alex Rider is back for his seventh adrenalin-rush adventure!

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About Anthony Horowitz
Anthony's first novel was Enter Frederick K. Bower, published in 1979 when Anthony was just 23. He created Foyle's War and the popular series Midsomer Murders and has also worked on Agatha Christie's Poirot and Murder Most Horrid. Anthony's phenomenally successful series of books about teen superspy Alex Rider have delighted children all over the world, and in 2003, Anthony was delighted to win the Red House Children's Book Award for Skeleton Key as it was voted for entirely by children.

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