To Do List for Mr. Horowitz

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05 November 2015 16:37

I have already commented that the world does indeed need more Foyle’s War so after Mr. Horowitz completes that task, I wanted to give him another one.  My favorite movie of all-time is Chariots of Fire.  The story of Harold Abrahams and Eric Lidell was uplifting and inspiring.  Mr. Lidell’s life post-Olympics is even more inspiring.  I would love to see a sequel.  Unfortunately, the great actor Ian Charleson who played Eric Lidell died in the early 90’s.  However, Anthony Howell, the actor who played Paul Milner in Foyle’s War bears a striking resemblance and would be the perfect age for Eric Lidell during the heroic period at the end of Mr. Lidell’s life.  Great story and person (Eric Lidell), great actor (Anthony Howell), great writer (Anthony Horowitz).  Off you go!  Let me know when you’re finished.