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hi,sorry typos, braininjry my part, please be patinet worth it,

amazing book but i cannot be only one to understand but jsut had to put rightas EVRYONE misses this, i just read it - can explain all. Moriarty FEVERDREAM!

He is dying as he falls and whoel book is dream - many clues, here just a few. Biggest at end musing on Korteweg de Vries equation equations for waves on shallow water (Clarence de vriess). Also Clarence Dvereaux (Diver -> Eaux?). He’s off to USA , new World, death. The Mortlakes - Dead water? Perry - Peregrine, means Pilgrim guilt over Roger’s son. A Clarnece BTW is an enclosed carriage of time period. All action in enclosed spaces or underground, cemerteries, abatoires, death imagery, often cold freezinzg from water, Edgar mortlake survieves abrsurd fall into water, wisful thinking, beatrice from Dante, so may tropes all thru - abrupt ending is speeding up on process, read end again, makes sensein this context. A coughing surviving sherlocck holmes not let JOnes go to death unwarned! when anonymous note would do, not let Moriarty escape to USA to do eveil, with no anonymous letter to warN authorities! BUT no, no problem of GOOD/EVIL because whole story is taking place in Moriartys mind - hence FEVERDREAm. On page 342 mentions teh (glancing) collision that might have broken bone but didn’t - oh but has doen worse than that Prof M! You are dyingas nd dont know it yet! (conscioulsy)

Hence entertaining yarn more clever even, wonder though has Mr Hororwitzz changed mond and wants to develop so never reaveld?