Sherlock (Do not read this if you have not read the book)

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28 May 2017 04:21

Horowitz, in my opinion is one of the only authors to do Sir Author Conan Doyle any true justice, with his Sherlock books. I loved this book, every time I started reading it, I had a hard time putting it down. The story was great and I love the twist at the end. But I want to read the next one and there is no next one. I also thought it was quite interesting, that in the end, Moriarty was still alive. I was hoping that the next twist would have been that Athelney was actually Sherlock, instead of just a regular detective. Everything about Athelney pointed to him being Sherlock, but in disguise. Even though Athelney had studied all of Sherlock’s lessons and books, it could have had a twist and come out that he was Sherlock. He had his own office in the house, with all materials relating to Sherlock, he had the skills, and he even walked with a cane (that had multiple uses), which is something that is also associated with Sherlock. It could have also been explained for, due to falling off the falls. If there was to be another book, I know I am no author or anything, but I think it would be great if, instead of Athelney dying, he actually was Sherlock and Moriarty had never realized it. The two have always been able to trick and use cunning to out do each other. So why not have that happen with them on this one. They both faked their death, but in this next book, it tells it from Sherlock’s (Athelney’s) point of view, and how he set everything up to help him get closer to Moriarty. Another way of writing it, would be to tell it after Moriarty has arrived in America and Sherlock has followed him there. And since enough time has passed, he will not be able to recognize Sherlock. I just want to read the next book, so please write the next one.