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Alex Rider Nightshade - Competition Results

Wed, April 01, 2020

So it’s April 1st but clearly Alex Rider readers aren’t fools! I was amazed how many entries we got for my competition – and how many of them were right.

The answers are as follows

  • Damien Cray was the mad pop singer.
  • Ian Rider was Alex’s uncle.
  • Rothman was the name of the evil mastermind in Scorpia.
  • Grimaldi was the name of the twins in Never Say Die
  • Father: that was John Rider’s relationship with Alex
  • Russian Roulette is the 10th Alex Rider book
  • Eagle Strike is the 4th Alex Rider book

Take the first letters – DIRGFRE – and twist them around and you get DR GRIEF, the main villain in Point Blanc…soon (very soon) to be seen on TV.

The entry was larger than I’d expected so as well as an overall winner, who will receive a signed copy of Nightshade, the new Alex Rider book released tomorrow, I’ve decided to add three runners-up. They’ll get copies too.

Well done everyone who took part.

I’m writing this in the middle of the virus of course. It’s a small consolation but at least this is a good time to get lost in a book. I’m locked down in London, reading tons, writing a new book (for adults) and a new TV series for America. You could say that, as a writer, I’ve been in self-isolation for the last 30 years. But it still feels very weird and I’ll be glad when it’s all over.

Anyway – the competition results (picked at random from an Oddjob-style bowler hat).

Winner: Maya Hewitt

Runners up: Laura Batschkus, Mats Watzeels, Joshua Hicks.

Keep well. Keep safe. Keep reading. And watch out – I’ll be posting more stuff on this site very soon.