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Alex Rider: Otto Farrant on Spy Stunts, Torture and Easter Eggs

Thu, June 04, 2020

The star of Sony’s Alex Rider TV series takes us behind the scenes of the teen spy action thriller…

It’s March 2019 and actor Otto Farrant is sitting in his car listening to heavy metal at top volume. Over the din, he’s screaming out the words to Jake Bugg’s ‘Seen it All’ (‘I’ve seen it all/I’ve seen it all now/I swear to god I’ve seen it all/ Nothing shocks me anymore.’) He changes songs, trying another, then another, and another. For an hour. For two hours. It leaves him and his voice totally drained.

No, the stress of leading Sony’s new teen spy thriller Alex Rider hasn’t got to him. This is rehearsal. He’s practising for an upcoming scene in which his character – a teenage schoolboy recruited by MI6 – is kidnapped and tortured by a band of mysterious operatives.

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