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For Foyle’s War fans: Jay Benedict Interview

Mon, July 21, 2008

Thanks to Moira from the Vulpes Libris literary blog for sharing her interview with Foyle’s War star Jay Benedict with us.

I’m the Co-Administrator of a literary/book review site and I’ve recently interviewed Jay Benedict, who played John Kieffer in the Foyle’s War episodes “Invasion” and “All Clear”.

Quite apart from being a lively and wide-ranging interview (the first he’s ever given, I believe …) he mentions Mr Horowitz – not once, but twice.

Firstly, as one of his children’s favourite authors, and secondly in a rather sweet ‘thank you’ for creating the role of Kieffer and writing it so well!

I should, perhaps, just mention that for anyone who hasn’t yet seen “All Clear”, the interview contains a major spoiler.

I ought also to mention that Jay has a colourful turn of phrase from time to time …

Read the full interview here.